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Mosquitoes Are A Big Problem Here In The South.

Mosquitoes are public enemy number one when it comes to the spread of harmful and even deadly diseases around the world. Malaria, Zika, West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever and more. Mosquitoes are believe it or not, more deadly than sharks. With global travel being what it is today, we can’t guarantee an outbreak of a mosquito-borne disease in Colombia, Brazil or Africa won’t make its way back to the States or even South Carolina. 

To provide proper mosquito control on your property Pest-Free Pest Control provides monthly mosquito treatment to allow you a safe, comfortable, mosquito-free outdoor area.

In order to properly meet your needs, we begin this process with a thorough inspection of your property. Next, an application will be made to reduce the current mosquito population by spraying a fine odorless mist on all vegetation and surfaces, which is effective immediately. Additional applications are made to eliminate mosquito-breeding sites throughout the property and reduce the amount of future adult mosquitoes.

Mosquito season runs April through September in our area. During that time, any standing water in or around your home could serve as the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

We Offer Organic Pest Control Upon Request.

Keep The Mosquitoes Away With Our State Of The Art Misting System

What is a Mosquito Misting System? Think of a Mosquito Misting System as an irrigation system for mosquitoes and gnats.

Similar to a home sprinkler system, a Mosquito Misting System is built into and around your landscape. This minimally invasive system is designed specifically for your yard to treat for mosquitoes in the areas you choose.

Make mosquitos and other pesky insects a thing of the past with with our automatic Misting System. This state-of-the-art custom mosquito control solution is designed to help you reclaim your backyard using an innovative, botanical insect killer that’s discretely placed throughout your landscape. Our mosquito protection systems are the perfect choice for any residential or commercial environment — install one around your home or business to help protect your family, pets and guests from dangerous vector-borne illnesses and to make your exterior landscape even more enjoyable. A 100 percent satisfaction guarantee ensures that you’re satisfied with the results.

A Few Of The Insects We Control



Our mosquito misting system helps to eliminate mosquitoes, flies, ticks, no-see-ums, spiders and more!









Benefits & Features

  • Effective and reliable mosquito control
  • Customized to your home & needs
  • Automatic & on-demand for customized control
  • 24/7 barrier of protection around your home or business
  • Trained and licensed mosquito control professionals
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Botanical & all-natural solutions that control, repel & kill insects other than mosquitoes including: no-see-ums, ticks & flies
  • And most importantly, Pet & kid friendly solutions